Tyre Change Success

Christmas Eve and the trains are on time, my mum and sister due in 20 mins.  I’d left the perfect amount of time to get there 5 or so minutes late in order to meet them at the side entrance as they came out.  The idea of sitting in the car park long since gone due to a ban on cars, including taxis being allowed down the concourse taking all sense of enjoyment of meeting family with it.   The rain was lashing down as I accelerated into the road….ooh that doesn’t feel right.  I pull over and check the back corner tyre.  I know there isn’t a perfect time for a flat tyre….that definitely wasn’t one!

After two days of rain, Christmas and Boxing Day in between we have blue skies and the nagging itching feeling of having the vehicle to sort can be scratched.  I’ve never changed a tyre before in a good 20 years of being a driver. I know I’ve been very lucky.  So with a precarious jack and a sense of trepidation I took on the 5 wheel nuts.  An hour later and some brute strength I’d swapped the spare around.

I’m bagging it as today’s challenge completed and in a strange way I’m taking this as a huge success for me.  Just nice to take something that’s a pain and turn into an achievement.


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