I sit and write this choked up with what is promising to be a stinker of a cold. I have a cup of Lemsip by my side made up in my new heat sensitive pac man mug.  Even that isn’t cheering me up today!

Lemsip is a weird concoction of what I think of as powdered lemon and paracetamol.  I never know whether it really makes a difference or not.  After drinking, I can’t taste anything for a good hour or so afterwards.  Having now read the ingredients and wishing I hadn’t I find myself wondering if I’d be better eating an orange and just taking a paracetamol in order to ease the headache and speed up recovery.   At least that way  my taste buds will still be in operation.
In terms of making a difference it’s one of those weird catch 22 situations.  How would I feel if I hadn’t taken my cup of citric acid.  Would I feel the same or am I reaping the benefits as I type and take part in the @writing101 challenge.

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