Wibbly Wobbly

Stealing time this morning to try and get some thoughts down on the events this week. Sat in the barbers as the boys get their back to school haircuts. They’ve been back 3 days and it feels like the summer break is fading fast. The festival here in Edinburgh is at full throttle and stretches out the summer weeks before we finally move into September. Getting across town on my bike after work has been a challenge as the tourists step out onto the road and walk in the cycle lanes. I should pause and soak it up but when you’re in the ebb and flow of the daily grind it’s hard.

The week has been a hard one, I’ve got a mental list as long as my arm with things to do both at work and at home to the point it’s caused me to procrastinate and wonder what’s it about! I know I need to write them all down and prioritise…but even that seems like hard work.

…….that was written yesterday morning, I’ve just put the boys to bed and it’s Sunday evening. I expect many blogs get written over a period of time, however this illustrates how stretched time is. This weekend has had a lot crammed in it from sorting through old books, managed to finish watching the soloist (we don’t get to see films all the way through at the mo!) and we went fruit picking in the sunshine today whilst looking after a nephew ….whilst his new brother showed up in the world…which is this weekends awe inspiring thing. We’ve not seen the little fellow yet but I’m so looking forward to it. It reminded me of the time I told my mother in law she had a grand child and the emotion in her voice as she relished in the news she’d been waiting for all night, she’d not slept a wink. Sadly she is not with us now to know she has a fourth.

I hadn’t started this entry with the idea of announcing a new human being into the world today…it started with a simple hair cut and a few moans about how busy I am…….today we took 3 boys fruit picking, trampolining and peddle go karting….one of the best things as we left the car park was our 4 year old nephew asking if he could come back with us again when we left the car park. We asked what the best thing was and he said the wibbly


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