September Resolution


Typically I take my 2 week break over the summer, however this year is a little different.  My youngest started primary school, and in Scotland they start back in August.  Our school has a break-in period of 1/2 days over the course of the month.  So I’m taking my break over the next couple of weeks and effectively taking a staycation!  The weeks will consist of dropping two boys off at the same time and picking two boys up at different times………however……I’m getting roughly 3 hours a day to myself in the morning.  So I’m left pondering what to do!  I’ve got so many things that I want to do that I might find myself procrastinating.

I stumbled upon this site Sixteen Goals in Sixteen Weeks which I think is a great way to set out and achieve something, in this case sixteen somethings.  From a cooking perspective one of my favourite sites is 101 Cookbooks and in particular the idea of having an inspiration board.

So the plan for this morning is to think about what I want to achieve in the next two weeks.  Hit the library, they have book in there about procrastination waiting for me (maybe I’ll get that tomorrow!!).  Post a blog entry (pat on the back for that one!). Most of all try and chill at the same time.


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